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String Art


DMC Philippines

Rainy season is the perfect time to stay cozy and warm in bed.  But want to be productive despite the weather? Don't worry! our DMC Artisan, Mela Abesamis will show you how to get crafty on this gloomy weather!  

Learn how to do the Rain Cloud with Rain Drops String Art perfect for the rainy season!

Materials you'll need:

  • 5 Assorted Colors of Art.117 
  • 1 Ball of Natura: N02 Ivory (shop now)
  • A Bunch of Nails
  • 10" x 10" Wood, 15-20mm Thickness
  • A Piece of Paper
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Ballpen
  • Drill pen (Optional)
  • Pencil 
  • Masking Tape
  • Pliers (Optional)
  • Ruler

Step 1: Draw the design you want to work on a paper

Get a piece of paper and draw the design that you would like to do using a pencil. Today, I decided to draw Rain Cloud with Matching Rain Drops perfect for the rainy weather! Note: You can use whatever design you would like for your string art. 

Step 2: Place the paper on top of the wood. Make sure to keep it in place by putting masking tape on all sides

Place the paper with design on top of the wood. Make sure to center it on the surface where you'd like your image to be posted.  When you're done, using a masking tape, secure the design on top of the wood so it won't move when you drill the design. 

Step 3: Using a pencil and ruler, mark your design with equally-spaced apart dots to serve as your  guide in placing the nails 

To mark where the nails will be hammered, use a pencil and a ruler to measure the distance in between the dots. Make sure to carefully measure it so as not to ruin our finished design


Step 4: Use a pen drill (if available) to transfer the design on the wood. Make sure all the dots are punched already before removing the paper. If a drill is not available, proceed to the next step

Using a pen drill, transfer the design to the wood. Start by drilling the dots one by one until all the details of the design are transferred. Don't have a drill? Don't panic, you can just skip this step and proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Start hammering (1/2 or 1/3 of the nail should be buried, adjust depending on wood thickness) the nails on the dots one by one. Use a pair of pliers to help you put the nails in place while hammering.Leave enough space on top of the nails for stringing   

When hammering, make sure that 1/2 or at least 1/3 of the nail is buried in the wood. If you are doing it on a thicker wood, adjust the depth accordingly. Using a pair of pliers, start putting the nails in place while you hammer it through. Oh! But don't get too excited, leave enough space on top of the nails for stringing. 

Step 6: When all nails have been hammered down, start stringing.

Once the nails have all been hammered, you can now proceed with the most exciting part of this tutorial..Stringing!

Step 7:Starting with the raindrops, get one Art.117 and tie one end to a nail using a square knot. When tying, remember to leave at least an inch in one end as you'll be ending your stringing at the same nail 

To turn my Rain Cloud themed design into a colorful and enjoyable day, I will be using assorted colors of Art.117 Embroidery Floss. Unlike the weather, DMC offers wide variety of colors in different shade. Note: So choose your color wisely! Start tying one end of the embroidery floss to a nail using a square knot, making sure to leave at least an inch on one end for the last stringing. (7).gif

Step 8: Work your way through the nails. Wrap the string tightly around each nail

Start weaving and wrap the string tightly around each nail. Imagine it as coloring the teardrop with embroidery floss. 


Step 8.JPG

Step 9: Once the string has passed through all the nails twice or more, you can now go back to the first nail and make a square  knot twice, together with the remaining end of the thread 

To give the raindrop a fuller definition, make sure to wrap the embroidery floss through the nails at least twice or more. Once finished, you can now end the knot by going back to the first nail to make a square knot with the remaining end of the floss twice. 

Step 10: Cut the excess thread after

Using a pair of scissors, cut the excess thread to clean the raindrop design

Step 11: Repeat steps 7 to 10 for the raindrops. Use Natura ball for the cloud and repeat steps 7 to 10 as well 

Start wrapping the other raindrops with embroidery floss. You can use a different color for each raindrop for a more lively look (12).gif

Your string art is now complete!