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String Art

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DMC Philippines

Obsessed with Japanese culture? Use their thread braiding technique called Kumihimo to create intricately colored bracelets. Mix and match colors using DMC Article 117 Emboridery theads with over 400 colors to choose from.


DMC Embroidery Threads (3 colors)
Braiding Wheel/Disc
Wire Tools
2 Jumprings, 1  clasp and 2 end clasps
Glue Gun with glue stick
DMC Craft Scissors

How to Begin:
1.    Cut your threads at 2 yards each, with 2pcs per color and then fold.  
2.    Make a knot at the fold.  Make sure you have 12 pcs of threads altogether.
3.    Insert at the center of your braiding wheel
4.    Position your threads:   Fix two pieces of Color A and Color B threads on the upper left and right side of the kumihimo disc.  Then two pieces of Color C threads on the right and left side, and two pieces of Color A and Color B threads on the lower left and right side of the disc.
5.    Start Braiding! – Starting with Color A (lower left set), unclip the left thread and clip to the left part of Color A’s upper set.  Now you have 3 threads clipped.  Unclip the rightmost thread of Color A, then put it beside the right part of Color A’s lower left set.  Move on to Color B upper right set and do the same.  Move on to Color C.  Repeat this until you reach desired length of bracelet coming out underneath your braiding disc.
6.    When you have the right length, release your threads from the disc and make a knot.
7.    Snip off both ends.
8.    Get your glue gun and secure the knots to the end clasps
9.    Get your jumprings and clasp and attach to the ends.


DMC Philippines

Get your OOTDs ready with this elegant yet casual braided bracelet with DMC Threads!  Just need your awesome choices of DMC Thread colors for your silver or gold chain bracelets, simple braiding and you're done!

Brought to you by DMC Weekend Crafternoons

Braided bracelets with DMC

Inspired by:


 7” Chain Bracelet with jump rings and clasps attached (or depends on what size fits your wrists)

3 colors of DMC threads (4 strands per color, total of 12 threads; 17” each)

Masking Tape

Craft Scissors


How to make it:


1.        Choose your 3 colors, cut them into 17” each.  You need total of 12 strands.

2.       Knot them all together at the top.

3.       Tape them together with the chain bracelet at the top into a flat surface.

4.       Divide the threads into 2 groups (6 strands per group). Group A and B.

5.      Tape one end of each group to make it easier to loop through the chain.

6.      To weave the chain, start by pulling B through the first link in the chain. Always thread from underneath the chain.

7.       Pull B all the way through the first loop. Try to keep things as tight as possible as you weave it.

8.      Put A over B.

9.      Pull A through the second loop. Remember to always thread from underneath the chain, so that all your weaving will go in the same direction. Then braid B over A and repeat steps 5-8 until you reach the end of your chain. Try to keep your braid as tight as possible.

10.  When you reach the end of the chain, tie another tight knot at the top with all of your embroidery strands. For a more finished look, you can cut the extra thread off of the knots.