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String Art


DMC Philippines

Dream only good dreams every night filtered through your personalized dreamcatcher! You can mix and match the dynamic colors of the DMC Embroidery threads to weave this piece of whimsical art. Grab your materials and learn how to create your own!

Brought to you by DMC Weekend Crafternoons



DMC Embroidery Threads

Wooden Hoop (size 5)



Tapestry Needle (size 18)

DMC Craft Scissors


To begin:

1.      Wrap your hoop with the DMC Embroidery threads

2.     When hoop is fully wrapped, measure atleast 3 yards of thread and cut

3.     Thread your needle and get your large beads

4.     For the first round of web, thread your bead, go underneath the hoop, over the hoop, and         insert your needle through the bead.

5.     Do this 7 more times to get a total of 8 beads/points on the first round.

6.     When doing the 2nd round, do the same procedure, but without the beads.

7.     Make sure to position each weave at the center of the previous round.

8.     Keep tension tight!

9.     Continue webbing until you reach the center.

10.   Attach your beads to the center and secure.

11.   Affix  2 feathers with beads at the bottom part

12.   Attach another thread at the top for hanging.

Place your dreamcatcher by your bedside or on top of your headboard and always have a good sleep every night!