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String Art

Cecilia Ciruela: How to Make Interchangeable Three Tassel Necklace

DMC Philippines

Introducing our DMC Artisan of the week, Cecilia Ciruela! Cecilia is a talented crafter by mind and heart. Her love for crafts started at an early age during her Home Economics Class. Having an innate creativity, she is very fond of producing and trying out different craftworks. Until one day, her works started to get noticed by other people. Her friends started to order her crafts which eventually led to the birth of her craft corners "Soleful by Cez" in facebook and "Hobbylane by Cez" in instagram. This became her avenue to showcase her talent and works to other people.

"I always put my heart in every projects that I make. It's the sense of fulfilment that I get when I see other people happily wearing my crafts. You just have to appreciate every process and always create time for your talent"

-DMC Artisan, Cecilia Ciruela

Oh! And did you know that Cecilia was able send her children to college because of crafting? Yes, she did it all. For Cecilia, turning a hobby into a legitimate business is really a life changing thing.