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String Art


DMC Philippines

String art is easy and a sure stress-buster. These projects can be as small as a little coaster or a wall in your house. This is sure to be a conversation starter. A handmade home decor or gift will surely brighten up a room.

So start nailing and happy crafting! 



  1. Threads
  2. Wood
  3. Nails
  4. Scissors
  5. Hammer

Let's Begin!

1. Begin by drawing your design or printing it out. Place your design on your wooden panel then start hammering around the outlines.

2. Peel the paper off the wood, to leave the nailed outline.

3. Get the thread you want to use and tie the end of it on one of the nail.

TIP: Make sure you always double knot. Also, leave at least a 2-inch tail after the knot, don't cut it all the way through.

4. Weave your thread around the nails. When you finish, double knot the end of your thread to another nail. Weave your tail ends through, if you want a seamless finish.

 TIP: Don't jut hook your thread over the nails, twist it!