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String Art

DMC Weekend Crafternoon: Cherry Pom-Pom Keychain

DMC Philippines

Hey there, crafters! Get fruity and funky with this quick project, cherry pom-pom keychain!

Materials you’ll need:

  • Knitty 6

  • Knitty 10

  • Felt Paper

  • Keychain Ring

  • Scissors

  • Super Glue


Step 1: Wrap four of your fingers with yarn, until it is as thick as you want.

Step 2: Cut the excess piece of yarn, and slip the yarn bundle off your fingers.

Step 3: Take a separate piece of yarn, and tie it around the yarn bundle.

Step 4: Cut the sides of the yarn bundle.

Step 5: Trim the yarn bundle in a circular pattern until it is nicely shaped.

Step 6: Cut a leaf top out of felt paper.

Step 7: Insert the leaf cut-out onto the center of a piece of yarn that is latched onto the keychain ring before tying.

Step 8: Trim the yarns evenly, and attach the pom-poms to its ends.

Watch the video for a visual step-by-step guide!

DMC Weekend Crafternoon: Tassel Earrings

DMC Philippines

Hey there, crafters! Making a personalized fashion statement piece has never been this easy! Follow these simple steps to create your own unique pair of tassel earrings!

Materials you’ll need:

  • Article 117 (Embroidery Floss)

  • Earring Hooks

  • Earring End Caps

  • Scissors


Step 1: Trim, and fold the embroidery floss in half.

Step 2: From the end of the folded embroidery floss, insert the end cap and allot a space for the earring hook.

Step 3: Divide the embroidery floss into two, and tie each of the divided parts with another piece of embroidery floss.

Step 4: Divide the strands into four, and group these strands by twos. Repeat the tying process to the remaining parts.

Step 5: Tie the end of the earrings, and cut the bottom part to your desired length.

Watch the video for a visual step-by-step guide!

DMC Weekend Crafternoon: String Art Card

DMC Philippines

Hi there, Crafters! Another week has gone by and we’re about to learn something simple but fun to do.

Have you ever heard of a String Art Card? Basically, it’s a greeting card with a string design on it. And since the Philippine’s just celebrated Independence Day last June 12, we will do a heart-shaped Philippine flag as a symbol of love and loyalty to our beloved country.

So, let’s get crafty!

Here are the materials you’ll need:

DMC 117 Threads (in Yellow, Red, Blue, and White)


Cardboard Paper

Tapestry Needle

Pencil and Eraser

Follow these steps to begin your artwork:

Step 1 - Fold your cardboard paper in half

Step 2 - Draw a heart shaped flag on it

Step 3 - Take your tapestry needle and poke a hole, following the line of your heart-shaped flag

Step 4 - Take your first thread (any of the colors) and stitch them into the holes

Any pattern will do; you can do criss-cross or simply abstract by connecting holes without any pattern at all.

Easy, right? Now it’s your turn to try!

Show us your finished work by tagging us on Instagram @DMCPhilippines

Watch the video tutorial below!

DMC Weekend Crafternoon: Wall Hanging Macrame

DMC Philippines

Hey there, crafters! Have you ever heard of a macrame? This decor is so trendy right now! This can definitely add life to your room with its bohemian vibe. If you want to make your own simple macrame, read more down below!

Materials you’ll need:

  • Knitty Pop 10

  • Scissors

  • Measuring Tape

  • Wooden Powel



Lark’s Head Knot

Lark’s Head Knot

Step 1: Cut 16 pcs. of 54-inch yarn

Step 2: Pair each strand; you should have 8 pairs in total

Step 3: Do a lark’s head knot (in pairs) on your wooden powel; you should have 8 lark’s head knot

Macrame Body

Square Knot

Square Knot

Step 4: Pair each strand again

Step 5: Do 4 square knots on the first row

Step 6: Do 3 square knots on the second row

Step 7: Do another 4 square knots on the third row

Step 8: Do another 3 square knots on the fourth row

Step 9: Do 2 square knots on the fifth row

Step 10: Do 1 square knot on the last row


Step 11: tie 2 knots on each strand, 2 inches from the bottom

Step 12: Split the thread of the yarn and let it curl

Watch Video for visual instructions!


DMC Philippines

Create fun decors with Mandala.


DMC Satin Threads

Wooden Stirrers




1. Glue 2 sticks perpendicularly. Make 2 pairs.

2. Glue this 2 pairs together to create a snowflake-like pattern.

3. Start Weaving.

Square Weave: Moving clockwise, wrap the stirrers going over the top, then to the back, and at the top again. Skip 1 stirrer and wrap. Continue doing this until you reach desired size.

Web Weave: Same wrapping technique, but wrapping every stirrer.

Star Weave: Same wrapping technique, but skipping 2 stirrers.

4. Continue weaving until you reach the ends.

5. Attach a thread at the end for hanging.


DMC Philippines

Brighten up a room or prepare early for Christmas with colourful thread lanterns.

Thread Lanterns



DMC Embroidery Threads

Balloons (small size)






1.  Inflate your balloon to the desired size.

2.  Mix glue, a little bit of water, and cornstarch

3.  Dip your threads to the glue mixture.

4.  Start wrapping your balloon with the thread in various directions. Make sure you don’t leave big gaps   

in between, except for the top part so balloon can be extracted from the inside.

5.  Let it dry for atleast 12 hours.

6.  Once dry, poke the balloon in various parts so it can separate from the threads easily once you pop

the balloon.

7.  Poke or cut the balloon with sharp object to pop and take it out from the hardened shaped threads.

8.  Make as many lanterns as you can to décor with lights or hang on the wall.


DMC Philippines

Obsessed with Japanese culture? Use their thread braiding technique called Kumihimo to create intricately colored bracelets. Mix and match colors using DMC Article 117 Emboridery theads with over 400 colors to choose from.


DMC Embroidery Threads (3 colors)
Braiding Wheel/Disc
Wire Tools
2 Jumprings, 1  clasp and 2 end clasps
Glue Gun with glue stick
DMC Craft Scissors

How to Begin:
1.    Cut your threads at 2 yards each, with 2pcs per color and then fold.  
2.    Make a knot at the fold.  Make sure you have 12 pcs of threads altogether.
3.    Insert at the center of your braiding wheel
4.    Position your threads:   Fix two pieces of Color A and Color B threads on the upper left and right side of the kumihimo disc.  Then two pieces of Color C threads on the right and left side, and two pieces of Color A and Color B threads on the lower left and right side of the disc.
5.    Start Braiding! – Starting with Color A (lower left set), unclip the left thread and clip to the left part of Color A’s upper set.  Now you have 3 threads clipped.  Unclip the rightmost thread of Color A, then put it beside the right part of Color A’s lower left set.  Move on to Color B upper right set and do the same.  Move on to Color C.  Repeat this until you reach desired length of bracelet coming out underneath your braiding disc.
6.    When you have the right length, release your threads from the disc and make a knot.
7.    Snip off both ends.
8.    Get your glue gun and secure the knots to the end clasps
9.    Get your jumprings and clasp and attach to the ends.


DMC Philippines

Liven up your casual OOTDs with this DIY thread wrapped necklace! Using DMC Light Effect Threads, customize your necklace by wrapping up the formed craft wires of your favorite word! Surely it will bring up some smiles and positive vibes all day!

For written instructions please visit art

Brought to you by DMC Weekend Crafternoons.

Thread Wrapped Necklace

DMC Metallic/Light Effects Thread
DMC Craft Scissors
Craft Wire
Silver/Gold Necklace Chain
Clear Glue
Wire Tools
Small jumprings

How to Begin:
1.     Bend tip of craft wire before wrapping with thread. 
2.    Wrap craft wire with metallic thread long enough for the word “LOVE” – approximately 8 inches.
3.    Put glue on the wire to help secure thread wrap.
4.    When you have enough wrapped wire, cut and secure ends with glue.
5.    Bend your thread wrapped wire into the word “Love”
6.    Cut the excess wire and bend the tip of the last letter.
7.    Attach your jumprings.
8.    Attach your necklace chain. 


DMC Philippines

Dream only good dreams every night filtered through your personalized dreamcatcher! You can mix and match the dynamic colors of the DMC Embroidery threads to weave this piece of whimsical art. Grab your materials and learn how to create your own!

Brought to you by DMC Weekend Crafternoons



DMC Embroidery Threads

Wooden Hoop (size 5)



Tapestry Needle (size 18)

DMC Craft Scissors


To begin:

1.      Wrap your hoop with the DMC Embroidery threads

2.     When hoop is fully wrapped, measure atleast 3 yards of thread and cut

3.     Thread your needle and get your large beads

4.     For the first round of web, thread your bead, go underneath the hoop, over the hoop, and         insert your needle through the bead.

5.     Do this 7 more times to get a total of 8 beads/points on the first round.

6.     When doing the 2nd round, do the same procedure, but without the beads.

7.     Make sure to position each weave at the center of the previous round.

8.     Keep tension tight!

9.     Continue webbing until you reach the center.

10.   Attach your beads to the center and secure.

11.   Affix  2 feathers with beads at the bottom part

12.   Attach another thread at the top for hanging.

Place your dreamcatcher by your bedside or on top of your headboard and always have a good sleep every night!


DMC Philippines

Get your OOTDs ready with this elegant yet casual braided bracelet with DMC Threads!  Just need your awesome choices of DMC Thread colors for your silver or gold chain bracelets, simple braiding and you're done!

Brought to you by DMC Weekend Crafternoons

Braided bracelets with DMC

Inspired by:


 7” Chain Bracelet with jump rings and clasps attached (or depends on what size fits your wrists)

3 colors of DMC threads (4 strands per color, total of 12 threads; 17” each)

Masking Tape

Craft Scissors


How to make it:


1.        Choose your 3 colors, cut them into 17” each.  You need total of 12 strands.

2.       Knot them all together at the top.

3.       Tape them together with the chain bracelet at the top into a flat surface.

4.       Divide the threads into 2 groups (6 strands per group). Group A and B.

5.      Tape one end of each group to make it easier to loop through the chain.

6.      To weave the chain, start by pulling B through the first link in the chain. Always thread from underneath the chain.

7.       Pull B all the way through the first loop. Try to keep things as tight as possible as you weave it.

8.      Put A over B.

9.      Pull A through the second loop. Remember to always thread from underneath the chain, so that all your weaving will go in the same direction. Then braid B over A and repeat steps 5-8 until you reach the end of your chain. Try to keep your braid as tight as possible.

10.  When you reach the end of the chain, tie another tight knot at the top with all of your embroidery strands. For a more finished look, you can cut the extra thread off of the knots.






Mela Abesamis: Travel Calligraphy String Art

DMC Philippines

travel calig.jpg


  • 6 Balls of Natura (different colors)
  • Hammer
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pliers (Optional)
  • Scissors
  • Drill pen (Optional)
  • 8"x15" wood, 15-20 mm thickness
  • Paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Bunch of Nails

Step 1: Draw the calligraphy design on the paper. Using a pencil and ruler, mark the design with equally-spaced apart dots to serve as your guide in placing the nails. 1cm apart is ideal.


Step 2:  Place the design on top of the wood (make sure it is at the center) using any tape.


Step 3: Use a pen drill (if available) to help you make small holes on your dotted marks. If a drill is not available, you may use a hammer and a nail to slightly punch each dot first to be your guide in putting the nails after.


Step 4: After completing the marking, slowly remove the paper. 


Step 5:  Start hammering (1/2 or 1/3 of the nail should be buried, adjust depending on wood thickness) the nails on the dots one by one. Use a pair of pliers to help you put the nails in place while hammering. Leave enough space on top of the nails for stringing.


Step 6-8: Tie one end of the Natura ball to a nail using a square knot. When tying, remember to leave at least an inch in one end as you will be ending your stringing at the same nail. 


Step 9: Work your way through the nails, with just the first letter. Wrap the string tightly around each nail. 


Step 10 and 11: Once the string has passed through all the nails twice or more, you can now go back to the first nail and make a square knot twice, together with the remaining end of the thread.

Cut the excess thread after. Then repeat steps F to K for the remaining letters of the travel calligraphy string art. One Natura ball for each letter to create a rainbow colored letters effect.

Cut the excess thread after. Then repeat steps F to K for the remaining letters of the travel calligraphy string art. One Natura ball for each letter to create a rainbow colored letters effect.

Step 12: Your travel calligraphy string art is now complete! 


Cez Ciruela: DIY Rounded Tassel Earring

DMC Philippines

What's more fun than making your own Tassel Earrings?! Since tassels are everywhere, why don't you try and DIY your own tassel earrings. 

Art.117 Embroidery Floss is made from the best quality materials in the world, all threads are 100% colorfast and fade resistant available in DMC Creative World Concept Store.