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DMC Weekend Crafternoon: Back to Basics

DMC Philippines

basic knitting.jpg

Let’s take a refresher course about knitting, shall we?

There are so many - and we mean many - things you can do with basic knitting. You can do a scarf, a shawl, a quilt, and the list goes on and on. The best thing about the basic knitting stitch is that you can do it without even looking! You can sit yourself down and watch a good Netflix show and still finish your work. Yup. We’ve tried it and it works.

So, get your knitting materials ready and get knittin’!


  • Knitty 6 yarn (1 ball)

  • Knitting Needles

  • Scissors

GARTER STITCH is one of the easiest patterns and the most basic knitting stitch.

To make a Garter Stitch, follow these 18 simple steps:

Step 1: Make a slip knot; make a pretzel-like shape with the yarn.

Step 2: Insert 1 knitting needle into the pretzel shape.

Step 3: Pull down both ends of the yarn.

Step 4: To cast the second stitch, hold both ends of your yarn with your index finger and your thumb. You will end up with a v-shape.

Step 5: Pull your needle downwards and insert the needle on the loop on your thumb.

Step 6: Move your needle towards the yarn on your index finger and insert it on the loop.

Step 7: Bring the needle back to the thumb loop

Step 8: Pull both ends and you will end up with two stitches on your needle

Step 9: Repeat Step 1-8 (12 times)

Step 10: You will end up with 12 stitches on your first needle

Step 11: Take your second needle and insert it inside your first stitch - the second needle should be above the first

Step 12: Take your excess yarn and loop it over your first needle and in between the first and second needle

Step 13 and 14: Slide your right needle down, inserting the yarn inside the stitch

Step 15: Slide your old stitch off the left needle

Step 16: You will end up with a new stitch on the right needle

After you finish each row, you will notice that all your stitches are now transferred to the right needle.

Step 17: Now on your second row, switch needles - put your right needle with the new stitches to your left, and your empty needle to the right - then insert your right needle on the first new stitch

Step 18: Repeat step 17 for all the new stitches.

This is the same method for further rows you desire.

And that’s how you do a garter stitch. Easy, isn’t it? Most knitting beginners start with this stitch and experiment on other stitches later on. With this basic stitch, you can create a lot of things.

Of course, these projects look better when you use a variety of yarns. Here are our suggested yarns for a more fashionable output:

  1. DMC Knitty 6/Knitty 10 - extra value will give your work more puff, 100% acrylic

  2. DMC Cloud - extra soft and comfy, multicolored, 100% polyester

  3. DMC Revelation - multicolored (6 color sequence), 20% wool 80% acrylic

Honestly, it’s all up to you. We encourage you to put on your creative hats and get crafty!