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DMC Philippines

Make chilly weather bearable with a bonnet. Use DMC Woolly yarn which is 100% merino wool which naturally protects against the suns harmful rays and provides a great buffer against the cold.

Loom Knitted Bonnet



DMC Woolly (2-3 balls)

Knitting Loom (40 pegs)

Loom Hook

DMC Craft Scissors


How to Begin:

* Double up your yarn by using two balls together

1.  Tie the ends of the yarn and slit it on your knitting loom.

2.  Do a cast on by doing an e-wrap on all the pegs.  An e-wrap is simply wrapping your peg from the back towards the front.  Continue wrapping until you reach peg 40.

3.  Place a second e-wrap around each peg.

4.  Starting on peg 40, using your loom hook, lift bottom loop over top loop (hook over).  This is the knitting part.

5.  Continue e-wrap and knitting until you have 18 rows.

6.  Grab your cast ons, fold it towards the pegs and insert.  This will be the brim of your bonnet.

7.  With the cast ons on the pegs, lift the bottom loop over the top cast on loops to seal the brim.

8.  Continue with the e-wraps and knitting until your bonnet measures 8-9 inches.

9.  To finish your bonnet, wrap your yarn around the whole loom and cut.  Starting from the first peg, put your yarn below the loop, grab the loop upwards and pull out. Continue doing this until you finish all pegs.

10.  Release your loops from the knitting loom.

11.  Pull tight the remaining yarn to close your bonnet


Create pompoms and attach on top of your bonnet.