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DMC Philippines

Melissa is a fashion designer entrepreneur who’s been doing craft works for more than 5 years! And this includes knitting, crocheting, and tatting clothes and accessories. She was also one of the contest winners in our 2016 Craft Competition entilted “Timeless Love”.

“ My inspiration and fascination has been to design various works and styles using methods that I have learned over the years and from my personal travels.”

-Melissa Chua

With this in mind, she decided to put up a startup company called Elize Clare. From then on, she has successfully branched out her company by setting up a small tailoring shop 3 years ago.

By: Melissa Clare Chua from Elize Clare Shop

By: Melissa Clare Chua from Elize Clare Shop

What you'll need:

You can use other colors of DMC Woolly in making the raspberry hat. You can check here for list of available colors. In this tutorial, I decided to use DMC Woolly #121 and #084.

The beanie circumference in its relaxed state is approximately 16" inches. For adult/teen head size is 20-21 1/2" inches.

GAUGE: Knitted stockinette stitch on a 4mm/US6 needle to get 6sts X8 rows =1” X 1”

How to Make Raspberry Pattern

Note: The pattern is divisible by 4

ROUND 1: *PKP, K3TOG* rep from * to * around.

ROUND 2: Purl all stitches.

ROUND 3: *K3TOG, PKP* rep from * to * around.

ROUND 4: Purl all stitches.

How to Make the Hat:

The hat is worked in the round on circular needle.

STEP 1: Cast on 124 stitches with circular needle size 3.5mm/US 4 and Color A.  Place marker and join in the round. 

STEP 2: Work the rib pattern (knit 2, purl 2) for 4cm / 1 ½”. Knit 1 round at the same time increasing the number of stitches to 132.  Break Color A.

STEP 3: Switch to larger circular needle (US6/4mm) and Color B.  Start working the pattern until piece measures 5cm/6 ½”.  If you want a slouchier beanie continue working the pattern.

How to Decrease Round

Round 1: *(PKP, K3TOG) x10, P1, K3TOG*, rep from * to * around (126 stitches)

Round 2: *P3, P3TOG*, rep from * to * around (84 stitches)

Round 3: *K3TOG, PKP*, rep from * to * around

Round 4: Purl all stitches

Round 5: *(PKP, K3TOG) x6, P1, K3TOG*, rep from * to * around (78 stitches)

Round 6: *P3, P3TPOG* rep from * to * around (52 stitches)

Round 7: P2TOG (26 stitches)

Round 8: P2TOG (13 stitches

STEP 4: Cut enough yarn and with your tapestry needle pull it through the remaining stitches.  Fasten off.