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DMC Philippines

Revamp your plain t-shirt with your own design through embroidery. Use DMC Variations embroidery threads and create a colourful design with only one skein.


DMC Variations threads
Plain T-Shirt
Pellon fabric
Embroidery Hoop
DMC Craft Scissors


1.  Trace your pattern into the pellon fabric.
2.  Place the pellon under your shirt.  This will serve as your guide in sewing the pattern.
3.  Place the embroidery hoop.
4.  Start stitching the stem stitch
5.  How to work the STEM STITCH:
Bring your needle up through the fabric just above the marked line of your pattern (point 1).
Insert the needle one stitch length away from point 1 and just below the pattern line (point 2). Come back up a little less than half way between points 1 and 2, just above the line (point 3). Repeat this process, going back down just below the line at point 4.
 6.  Finish the pattern.
 7.  Take off the embroidery hoop
 8.  Cut excess pellon underneath.