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DMC Weekend Crafternoon: Crocheted Bookmark

DMC Philippines

Welcome to another tutorial! It’s almost back-to-school season so we prepared the perfect project for our readers out there—a bookmark! This project is easy and definitely fun to make with your friends!

Let’s get started.


  • 1 Knitty 6 Yarn - Knitty 6 has extra value and thickness. This will make your bookmark look chunky.

  • 5.5mm crochet hook

  • Scissors

  • Beads (optional)



  1. Make a loop

  2. Work 8 chain stitches

  3. Work 2 chain stitches

  4. Insert hook on the 8th chain and work a single crochet

  5. Work 7 single crochet to complete your 2nd row

  6. Work 2 chain stitches after the 7th single crochet

  7. Flip your work on the opposite side

  8. Work a single crochet to complete your 3rd row

  9. Do 20 rows


  1. Cut 4 pcs of 3in yarn

  2. Insert 1pc on a yarn needle

  3. Insert yarn on the 4th stitch (middle) of the bookmark

  4. Insert remaining 3pcs

  5. Use yarn needle to insert every peace of yarn inside the bead

Watch the video for visual instructions!