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DMC Philippines

Give your mobile phone a new case! Crochet this easy phone case with different colors and you can give them as a gift to your favorite people :D

Crocheted Mobile phone Case

Inspired by: DEVICE CASE


CH - Chain

SC – Single Crochet

ST – Stitch

DC – Double Crochet

SL ST – Slip Stitch


You’ll need:

1 ball of Natura Yarn

1 crochet hook size 2.5mm / 3mm / 4mm

Tape Measure


Button (for closure)


To begin:

 Measure  the length and width of your device with tape measure.  Write it down.  These will be your references as you do your phone case.  In this case I used my Samsung S7 Edge with measurements of 4" x 7".

With your threads and hook, Chain until it measures the bottom part (shortest length) of your mobile.  Just make sure you end with an ODD number of chains.


Round 1:

3 SC in 2nd chain from hook.  Mark your first SC with stitch marker since we will be working in rounds. 

SC in each of the next CHs.  3SC in last CH, working around the tail to the other side.  Coming over to the other side, SC in each of the chains.


Round 2-3:

SC in each ST around.


Round 4: 

SC +DC in next ST, then skip next ST. Repeat until you reach the stitch marker.


Rounds 5 and up:

Repeat round 4 until your height is about 2-2.5inches shorter than the height of your mobile.


Next rounds:

SC in each ST around until your height is about half an inch shorter than the height of your device.


Button closure round:

Mark the centermost stitch of the last round and mark it with a needle or stitch marker.  SC in each ST until you reach your marked stitch, SL ST to the marked ST. CH 20-25 (or however many you need to wrap it around the button you choose.)  SL ST to the same ST to close the loop.  SC in each remaining ST around.


Next round:

SC in each ST around (when you reach CH20 loop, just fold it down out of your way)


To finish:

SL ST into the first 3STS of the next round to even out the edge.  Fasten off and weave in ends.  Attach your button on the opposite side from the button loop.